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Philanthropic tours – In partnership with Total Woman Network

TWN focuses on holistic support for women and children in Ghana,
addressing various challenges they face and empowering them to
achieve economic independence. Through education, inspiration, and
skill-building, TWN equips women with the tools they need to start their
own micro-enterprises and improve their livelihoods.

Wellness and mindfulness Retreat

Experience the ultimate in wellness and mindfulness with QM Tours as we invite you to join our exclusive retreats in Kyoto and Barcelona. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Kyoto’s temple gardens, where you’ll discover the power of meditation and yoga to restore inner harmony. Indulge in nourishing meals that promote both physical and mental well-being, and let the peaceful surroundings guide you on a transformative journey.

  • Rome – Italy – Europe Trip

    7 days · 1 Country · 1 City

    With its vibrant culture and natural beauty, Italy guarantees an unforgettable journey filled with memorable experiences for all.

  • Barcelona – Spain – Europe

    7 days · 1 Country · 1 City

    Barcelona is a vibrant city located on the northeastern coast of Spain, famous for its stunning architecture, world-renowned cuisine, and beautiful beaches.

  • Wellness retreat in Kyoto- Japan- Asia

    7 days · 1 Country · 1 City

    Experience Zen meditation, forest bathing, and Japanese culture while staying in a traditional inn nestled in the forest of Kyoto.


  1. High-quality and unique travel experiences: We offer customized travel packages that are tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs and preferences. Our itineraries are designed to offer unique and memorable experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.
  2. Professional and experienced team: Our team of travel experts and professionals have many years of experience in the industry. They are knowledgeable and passionate about travel and are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service.
  3. Hassle-free travel planning: We take care of all the details of travel planning, including flights, accommodations, transportation, and activities. This allows our clients to relax and enjoy their travel experience without worrying about the logistics.
  4. Cost-effective travel solutions: We have established partnerships with various airlines, hotels, and travel service providers, which enables us to offer our clients cost-effective travel solutions that fit their budget.
  5. Focus on wellness and philanthropy: Our services are dedicated to promoting wellness and personal growth with a strong focus on philanthropic endeavours. We design unique travel experiences that prioritize well-being, encourage personal development, and create meaningful impact through philanthropic initiatives.

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